Via Dei Mille

Sicilian family brand.  Perfumes inspired by the family brands history in perfumery as well as the unique Sicilian natural and cultural world.  Viadelimille retraces the steps of Sicilian history.  From the delicate flowers picked in the morning and their voyage from Sicily to the French maisons de parfum where they would be transformed into unique scents.  


Also a family history that goes back more than 50 years, when an artisanal fragrance distillery was settled in Via die Mille in the baroque town of Noto.  This is renewed today with the discovery of Sicilian’s finest raw materials, Grasse perfumers and a scent collection that reignites memories and sensations of a mythical and enchanting Sicily.  


The first eau de parfum collection of VIA DEI MILLE is a tribute to Sicily, to its most delicate color (white), to the most precious and emblematic flowers of the island: jasmine (gelsomino), almond (mandorlo), neroli (zagara), three white flowers, shaped by light, extremely delicate, dreamlike and mysterious