The Grove on Green Lane

At the end of Green Lane is a citrus garden and an outdoor bar and eatery called “The Grove”.  Here you can enjoy a beer or wine in the garden with brunch items from the barbecue and smoker, or coffee, pastries and cakes from Green Lane Kitchen.

The Grove Takeaway Menu:

‘The Best’ Bacon & Egg Roll

Rindless bacon, free range egg, House bbq sauce on a milk bun     12   

 add avocado & English cheddar      15

Chicken Waldorf Sandwich  With celery, apple & walnuts     12

Vegetarian Sandwich    Grilled capsicum, zucchini, eggplant & house slaw   10

Toulouse Sausage Hot Dog    Dijon, house chutney, gruyere cheese on a brioche roll    10

‘House Smoked’ Texas Brisket Sandwich    Tangy slaw, house bbq sauce on a milk bun    14.5

‘House Smoked’ Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich  Slaw, red cider sauce on a milk bun    14.5

Open: Saturday and Sundays from 10am